Shoe Care Products
We carry a wide variety of insoles, polishes, shoe care products, dyes, diabetic insoles, diabetic socks, shoe shine products, brushes, laces, foot care products, waterproofing products, and much more.
Shoe Repair
Included in our shoe repair services are full soles, half soles, new rubber heals, reconditioning, cleats, repairs of rips and tears, refastening of soles, and more. Only top quality materials are used for our repairs.
Shoe Sales
We sell top quality shoes and boots from the well-known companies including Redwing and P.W.Minor. A nice selection of diabetic shoes, work boots, casual boots and shoes, steel-toed boots, motorcycle

About Us

Campeti’s General Shoe Hospital, LLC began in 1904 on 11th street in Wheeling, WV by shoemaker, Anthony Campiti, who came to the United States from Locci, in the Calabria region of Italy.