Campeti’s General Shoe Hospital, LLC began in 1904 on 11th street in Wheeling, WV by shoemaker, Anthony Campeti, who came to the United States from Locci, in the Calabria region of Italy. Anthony and his wife had six children. Anthony ran the shop, repairing shoes, and eventually hired Joe DiCicco, who worked with him until Anthony’s death in 1943. Anthony’s son, Adolph, who recently returned home from serving as a master sergeant in Patton’s Army in World War II then went into his father’s business.

Campeti-2In 1968, Adolph moved the store from 11th Street to 20 Bridge Street, which is better known as Stone and Thomas Alley. Adolph and his wife, Stella, were the parents of two children, Nikki and Joe. Since both children were in school, Stella worked side-by-side with Adolph, waiting on customers and learning to do the “finish work” on shoes. When Joe was in high school, he began working with Adolph and Joe DiCicco, learning their specialized trade. Together, Adolph, Joe DiCicco, Stella, and their son, Joe, worked hard repairing all different types of shoes, boots, and leather products like baseball gloves, purses, and jackets. After Adolph’s death in 1992, his son took over the business. Seeing a potential in shoe sales, Joe began selling a few styles of Red Wings. He continued working with Joe DiCicco until DiCicco’s death in 1993, followed by Stella’s death in 2003.

Seeing potential in shoes sales and with a couple of buildings being available for sale in Wheeling, Joe eventually bought his current building at 1219 Market Street. After much needed remodeling, the new Campeti’s General Shoe Hospital, LLC opened for business at the new location in November, 2005. With a much larger customer service area in the new store, Joe increase his shoe sale line, selling Red Wings and P.W. Minor, and also increased his offerings of shoe care products such as polish, laces, cleaners, creams, dyes, etc. Joe continues to carry on the tradition of skilled shoe repair taught to him by his father and his family friend, Joe DiCicco. Celebrating over 100 years of business in Wheeling, WV, Campeti’s General Shoe Hospital,LLC continues to provide a unique and high quality service to the Ohio Valley.